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Professional astrologer Stefanie James explores various aspects of astrology from the basics and up to intermediate and advanced subjects and techniques.

Typical areas of discussion will be various modern, psychological and traditional astrological techniques, current astro-weather, notable points in history, interviews, and natal chart analysis including the charts of listeners.

Stefanie is a Professional Astrologer with an international client base, Reiki Master, published writer and former Horoscope Columnist for ELLE Magazine.

Jul 30, 2021

This is an aspect pattern which is much like the Grand Cross, but cut in half from corner to corner like a sandwich (am I writing when hungry again?!).

Two planets sitting in opposition to each other at 180° apart are pulled into a tense pyramid of power when a planet sits on the very top.

When connecting the lines...

Jul 23, 2021

When looking at the patterns in the centre of the chart which are formed by the aspects, there are patterns that appear which are formed when the planets come together to form larger configurations.

By coming together, I mean that they form patterns by sitting at degrees in the natal chart which form aspects...

Jul 16, 2021

In today’s episode I decided to take a look at the aspect, and elements/modes grids when casting a chart using in order to assess elemental and modal weighting in the natal chart, and also to understand how to read the aspects grid the natal chart ‘feels’.

This can be identified when looking at...

Jul 9, 2021

I had originally recorded this episode as an audio version only but realised it was very difficult to describe without a visual prompt for listeners to refer to.

Yes, I could've added an image to the accompanying blog post, but I thought I would go one better and record an enhanced podcast for you to enjoy on my...

Jul 2, 2021

I would love to record an episode on each of the minor aspects, but there are a few time constraints which prevent me from doing this currently.

However, I have recorded an episode with a brief explanation of each of the minor aspects so you can familiarise yourself with this information and explore at your own...