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Professional astrologer Stefanie James explores various aspects of astrology from the basics and up to intermediate and advanced subjects and techniques.

Typical areas of discussion will be various modern, psychological and traditional astrological techniques, current astro-weather, notable points in history, interviews, and natal chart analysis including the charts of listeners.

Stefanie is a Professional Astrologer with an international client base, Reiki Master, published writer and former Horoscope Columnist for ELLE Magazine.

Nov 19, 2021

I’m hoping that If you’ve had a reading with a professional astrologer before, you’ll recognise the positive impact astrology reading can have – it’s an incredible tool which can help us to work towards becoming the best versions of ourselves in life. Astrology can raise our self awareness and and can make make sense of some of the chaos in life.

However, believe it or not there are occasions where astrology, and it's misuse can do more harm than good.

I am recording a few episodes on what happens when people abuse their position of power during a reading, but there is a sense of responsibility of the person having their chart read.

Firstly (and this is something that everyone learning astrology will experience) there are inexperienced astrologers, or those who are still learning who aren’t able to articulate the symbolism properly.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be practising as an aspiring astrologer, BUT it is very important that we are careful with the way we choose our words.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had someone tell me very basic interpretations for my chart which have sounded very scary to me. Words can leave a lasting impression, they can linger in the mind and affect our decision making processes, they can alter the course of the future by inhibiting that persons ability to have faith in following a path they might have previously wanted to tread.

Then there are claims which can scare people completely unnecessarily, saying things like they can see how and when someone will die, for example.

Or in my case, having someone tell me that I will suffer miscarriages in pregnancy – honestly, I don’t know how certain people can see these outcomes in the chart? I know which aspects of my chart they are talking about, but they are taking very literal interpretations and it's as though they are making "predictions" to make themselves seem all-seeing and all-powerful.

It amazes me that people like to share scary and threatening information. If you wouldn’t tell your nearest and dearest something like that, then don’t volunteer this information someone seeking your help!

Accepting free readings from people claiming to be expert astrologers is another thing I advise you to avoid! Recognise that when something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

No one should be contacting you to chase you for readings, or asking you for money. All the best astrologers are credible and wouldn’t chase business. In fact they might even have a waiting list because they really are the real deal and their clients can vouch for this.

There are many ways to avoid having a bad experience and I cover a few in this episode. However, the main thing I would tell most people is that you should be selective about who you allow to read your chart. You shouldn’t feel pressured and you shouldn’t allow someone who is pestering you to read your chart either.

You can always ask for your astrologers credentials before booking in with them and you can also do a little bit of research about them online first.

I hope this episode enlightens you to the harm astrology can do and helps you to realise that there are ways to protect yourself from bad practicse and ensure that you only have helpful exchanges with astrologers who take on a position of power during your readings.

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