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Professional astrologer Stefanie James explores various aspects of astrology from the basics and up to intermediate and advanced subjects and techniques.

Typical areas of discussion will be various modern, psychological and traditional astrological techniques, current astro-weather, notable points in history, interviews, and natal chart analysis including the charts of listeners.

Stefanie is a Professional Astrologer with an international client base, Reiki Master, published writer and former Horoscope Columnist for ELLE Magazine.

Apr 5, 2024

A few weeks back I was reading a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and found myself relating the content to planetary transits and astrological placements.

I talked about the transpersonal planets, or as they're commonly known: the Gods of change.

This is all coinciding with a Pluto transit that I am currently having to my natal Mercury placement, so I wanted to share the insights I am having.

Are you, or is anyone you know, having a transpersonal planetary transit?


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