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Professional astrologer Stefanie James explores various aspects of astrology from the basics and up to intermediate and advanced subjects and techniques.

Typical areas of discussion will be various modern, psychological and traditional astrological techniques, current astro-weather, notable points in history, interviews, and natal chart analysis including the charts of listeners.

Stefanie is a Professional Astrologer with an international client base, Reiki Master, published writer and former Horoscope Columnist for ELLE Magazine.

Jun 25, 2021

So we’ve reached the end of our conversation about the major aspects, concluding with the 60° sextile.

The sextile might be considered ‘soft’ but is by no means a shrinking violet! This powerful aspect can open doorways of opportunity which can alter the course of your life forever, should you so recognise and take advantage of this moment of magic.

The sextile is a little more obvious than a trine. In fact it’s considered a ‘coaxing’ aspect so when we feel this opportunity knocking we need to recognise it and be open to the potential.

In the natal chart, when planets are within 60° of each other (give or take 4° orb either side) they are in a positive communication working harmoniously with one another, and can reach potentials they might not normally do on their own.

Planets that meet by sextile are often in complementary elements – for example Capricorn and Pisces (passive Cardinal Earth and Mutable Water signs) or Aries and Gemini (active Cardinal Fire and Mutable Air signs).

This can offer enough variety to tempt a productive expression of these planets through a positive communication between the elements and a modal relationship which encourages each other out of the rut of each modality.

For example, planets sextile from Pisces to Taurus can pull the other out of the mud of total fixity while providing some focus from the floundering of aimless mutability.

It is possible to have planets sextile to one another in conflicting elements like Fire and Water, but in the same mode. This happens when the planets are at the very end or beginning of a sign and have a wider orb. For example, Jupiter at 28° Sagittarius and the Moon at 1° Pisces.

You can see how this creates another way of complementing each other as now they are sharing a mode, though their elements aren't as comfortable working with one another.

For example, if your Ascendant ruler and Descendant ruler are sextile, this can indicate a sense of luck and opportunity when meeting other people who can help you on your way in many aspects of your life. In fact it can be a very lucky aspect to have in your romantic relationships, or at least describes many opportunities for you to enter into relationships with others (whether positive, or not-so in your life).

By transit, the sextile can open a window of opportunity which once passed could be the thing we kick ourselves for not taking – that chance we later come to regret for not seeing the fruits it had to offer at the time.

Or it could be a moment of "Yes" which opens up a pathway for us we’d never considered possible. A moment of synchronicity that just feels right.

The saying “Opportunity is a door marked push” particularly resonates for me with the sextile aspect.

Do you have a sextile in your chart and do you resonate with anything I’ve shared about it during this episode?

When opportunity knocks, are you a naysayer or do you grab on with both hands? 

Let me know the comments below!


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