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Professional astrologer Stefanie James explores various aspects of astrology from the basics and up to intermediate and advanced subjects and techniques.

Typical areas of discussion will be various modern, psychological and traditional astrological techniques, current astro-weather, notable points in history, interviews, and natal chart analysis including the charts of listeners.

Stefanie is a Professional Astrologer with an international client base, Reiki Master, published writer and former Horoscope Columnist for ELLE Magazine.


Some time ago I mentioned to friends of mine that I’d been thinking of releasing a podcast. I didn’t know how I wanted to structure it, I just wanted to talk about astrology! Believe it or not, I actually finalised my podcast cover image and recorded the first episode a year before the 2020 launch, but got carried away pouring all my energy into writing articles and horoscopes for ELLE and my website. All it took was the final Capricorn eclipse of 2020, plus the heavy Capricorn stellium retrograding back toward my Sun, to deliver an over-sized (but much needed) boot to my derrière.

What to Expect

Typical areas of discussion:

Release day

UTC/GMT: Friday mornings at 5am
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Learn Astrology

I really wanted the podcast to be inclusive, so decided to start at the beginning and work upwards. This means I’ll be focussing on the building blocks of astrology, and graduating towards to more advanced subjects and techniques for more experienced astrologers.

Get Involved

This is a listener-led project as I invite my subscribers to have their charts featured on The Stellium Astrology Podcast. To do this, subscribe to the mailing list and complete the application form.


Visit for a list of episodes including featured charts, episode links and transcripts.